Computer Problems Resolved - Calls and Emergencies

This section should probably be called "When Trouble Strikes" because there will be times when trouble does strike and you will have a problem that requires special attention. Our System Health Check program is designed to prevent problems and proactively identify areas where problems might be growing un-noticed. But preventative maintenance is not perfect and problems do happen. A hard disk might crash, a motherboard might fail, essentially your system - or server - stops working.

If you are a regular Computer Problems Resolved customer we will probably know your system and we often walk clients through repair on the phone. You are up and running again more quickly and more cheaply, but there will be times when we have to come to your shop and be the Emergency Room Physician for your ailing system.

To help minimize the loss of data and time please follow these simple guidelines:

Computers are machines, much like your car. Even with the best maintenance problems still happen. Please call us if you need help, the number is 919-539-1914. Thank You.

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